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Recipe: Stupidly Good BBQ'ed Baked Potato

Also, an update to the winner of "A Tale of Three Corns"!

At the cottage this weekend, and with the guidance of Douglas the omnivore, I present our recipe for a stupidly good barbecued baked potato!


Russet potato(es)


Sour Cream

Green onion

Salt & Pepper

1. Poke holes in the potato all over with a fork.

2. Optional: Microwave for 5-15 minutes. This will speed up the cooking time if you're in a hurry.

3. Roast potato bare on a medium or medium/low grill. Cover and cook for up to an hour, checking and rotating every 10-15 min.

4. Remove from BBQ once the skin is well-cooked to your taste. Ours felt pretty hard and crusty and I was a little skeptical...until I jabbed a fork in the potato and revealed fluffy goodness on the inside!

5. Cut the "hat" or "lid" off the potato. Long-ways, about 1/5th thick.

6. Scoop out the insides and mix in a bowl with way too much butter and sour cream. Add salt and pepper.

7. Put the potato mixture back in the potato skin and top with green onions, some more butter and sour cream.

Update to Chipotle/Cheese corn recipe: BBQing in tinfoil makes the hot sauce caramelize nicely. And the finishing touch? Fresh squeeze of lime. In the words of my dad "Ok this is the best corn I've ever had in my life". Enough said.

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