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A Tale of Three Corns

Or, Three Latin American-Inspired BBQ Corn Recipes

Why make one flavour of BBQ corn when you can make three? Here are three super simple recipes I put together for dinner last night. I served the corn in bowls so us and our dinner guest could sample them all: Achiote/Black Pepper, Lime/Rock Salt, Chipotle/Cheese. Which one was our favourite flavour? Read on!


local corn on the cob

achiote (annatto) infused oil*

rock salt

black pepper

organic lime

organic feta cheese (I used goat's milk)

chipotle hot sauce

olive oil

*I have a container of olive oil and achiote seeds in the cupboard. You could use olive oil and achiote powder.

BBQ Instructions

1. Peel back husk of the corn and remove the silk.

2. Soak corn in cold water for 15-20 mins. I used my (clean) sink, filled with enough water to cover the corn.

3. Remove and shake off excess water.

4. Pull back the husk and add toppings (see below).

5. Wrap up all the ears of corn back into their husks. Option to wrap in 1 layer of tin foil as well.

6. On a medium grill rotate the ears of corn so they are grilled on all sides (5-10 mins).

7. Remove corn from heat, close the bbq and let it cook for 15-20 mins. If the temperature drops below 300F feel free to throw the heat on again for a minute or two.

8. Serve:

On the cob: Break/cut off the husks. Finish with toppings as per below. Or,

For sharing: cut off the very tip of the corn, then place nose-down in a bowl. Use a knife to slice off the kernels. Finish with toppings as per below.

Contestant Number One: Achiote/Black Pepper

Pre-BBQ: Slather in achiote infused oil (just use your hands). Crack on tons of freshly ground black pepper.

Post-BBQ: I did nothing.

Contestant Number Two: Lime/Rock Salt

Pre-BBQ: Rub some olive oil on the corn. Take wedges of lime and rub up and down the ear of corn. Squeeze on the excess. Grate some lime zest and rub on as well. Finish with a generous amount of rock salt.

Post-BBQ: Squeeze on some more lime juice to taste.

Contestant Number Three: Chipotle/Cheese

Pre-BBQ: Rub olive oil on the corn. Slather the whole thing in chipotle hot sauce (I use president's choice). Save the cheese for later!

Post-BBQ: Crumble up some feta cheese and mix in with the kernels (or sprinkle on top of cob).

And the winner was...Chipotle Cheese!

Smokey chipotle, creamy feta = can't go wrong. Reminded me of Mexican street corn. Next time I would grill the cobs more, maybe even putting them bare on the grill at the end.

Silver Medal: Lime/Rock Salt

Honestly super delicious as well. Could have tied for first. Absolutely tasted like Mexico in a bowl. Next time I would use more lime zest and maybe throw a splash of tequila on there too!

Honourable Third: Achiote/Black Pepper

It's not that this combo wasn't delicious, it just wasn't that special. It just tasked like flavour-enhanced corn. Next time I would add something to spice it up, maybe paprika and red chill, and top with fresh cilantro.

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