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Tips for Body Blitz

I am recent enthusiast of Body Blitz Spa! A fun girls-day-out or a great solo indulgence. The main spa is a therapeutic water cycle: Warm mineral salt pool, aromatherapy steam room, infrared sauna, cold pool and hot epsom salt pool. You soak in the pools in a prescribed "cycle", including a cold plunge in between each. The health benefits include pain relief, muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins, better circulation and more. Both locations also feature treatment rooms for massages, facials, body scrubs, etc. The spa is for women only and is so atmospheric and clean.

Top: West Location. Bottom: East Location.

Flying Solo

Since first enjoying body blitz in groups I have also discovered the bliss of going alone! Think stress relief, alone time and pampering yourself. Here are my tips for blitzing alone.

1. Go Naked

Probably my number one tip! Ditch the bathing suit. It feels so much better than having a clingy hot-cold-hot-cold suit on. (Makes the cold plunge easier, too. I swear).

2. Go on Tuesday

Tuesdays are $50 for the waters rather than the normal $60.

3. Go During Off Hours

11:30-2:30 (lunch hours) is a very quiet time from my experience. Also any time before 4-5pm, when work starts to get out is quieter than the evenings.

4. Bring a Water Bottle

Bring your own water bottle and drink up! The more hydrated I am the better I feel. (Also - pee a lot. You're flushing toxins from your body after all).

5. Plan Some Down-Time and Bring a Book

It's nice to do a cycle, take a break, and do another cycle. Bring a book or a magazine and sit back on those red leather chairs. It's also a great time to order a juice or a tea.

6. Don't be a Slave to the Cycle

That said, don't be a slave to the cycle. Do what feels best for your body. Example: After getting a massage, I went straight to the warm pool, and then straight to the hot epsom salt pool (no cold plunge - my muscles needed to relax!). Then after a while I started a cycle from the top.

7. Actually Do the Cold Plunge, and Actually Rest

THAT said, when doing the cycle, actually do the cold plunge. Go in, to your neck, spread your arms out wide, and count to 60. After the cold plunge, have you noticed that little orange font reminding you to "Relax, Sip Water" ? Actually do that, too! Aclimatizing for a few minutes after the cold plunge makes a big difference.

8. Bring Your Own Face Mask

This one was a game changer. Sometimes I use a face mask during the "down-time" between cycles. But I think I've nailed the ultimate trick - at the end of your last cycle, end in the steam room for five minutes. Don't shower, just go straight for that face mask and apply. While the mask is drying get yourself ready for the shower - get a fresh towel, brush your hair out - then rinse it off in the shower. Ahhhh.

9. Bring Your Own Anything!

I saw a regular bring a little shower kit of her own shampoo, a razor and an

mit. I always bring an exfoliating scrub as well.

10. Make Your Towel & Robe Last

How to make one towel and robe last: Put that robe in a cubby and leave it there. Don't towel off between everything. DON"T bring your towel into the steam room (but do use it to sit on in the sauna). Only put your robe on when you are dry and ready to relax (ie, use your towel to dry off first, then get into your robe for "down-time").

11. Avoid Groups & Matching Cycles

Avoid "matching cycles" with a group. Watch when they go in the steam room, and then as soon as they leave, get in there. Get on your own cycle rather than overlapping with the bubbly bachelorette group.

In a Group

Doing the waters in a group is so much. A perfect idea for birthdays and bachlorettes! Here are my tips for doing the waters as a group.

1. Go Naked?

Body Blitzing naked is much better than in a suit. However not all friends might be comfortable carrying on a conversation while you're naked and two feet away. If you do wear a suit, the less coverage the better (feels better on the skin, makes the cold plunge easier).

2. Group of 7 - Buy a Waters Card.

The waters card is $360 for 7 visits. If you split between 7 people that's only $51.50 (instead of $60). Or, if it's for a friend's birthday or bachelorette, six of you can pay full price and get her in for free.

3. Go During Off-Hours If You Can

It just plain gets busy on weekends. Go on off hours if you can. Most people are thinking "Brunch then Body Blitz!", so think "Body Blitz then lunch". If you can swing going on a weekday, do it!

4. New to Body Blitz? What (not) to Bring.

Here is what is provided for you: Robe, towels, sandals, hair elactics, plastic baggies for wet suits, basic toiletries including hair dryers. Also, if someone has never done a water cycle before, it's probably best to casually let them know that you shouldn't go if you're pregnant or think you might be pregnant.

5. Bring a Water Bottle

And encourage your friends to as well.

6. Bring a Face Mask and other Goodies to Share

Bring a face mask to share with your friends. As well as anything else (sanitary), like an exfoliating scrub.

7. Don't Be the Obnoxious Group

There's always one gaggle that is obnoxiously loud. Have fun chatting but use your "indoor voice" (remember that from school?) Also, when having down-time as a group, share the chairs. You can squeeze two of you onto those bad boys.

8. Move in a Pack - Here's Why

If you move all together in a pack chances are the singles will avoid you (see tip #11 above). And if it's just your group in the sauna, go ahead and chat. Same goes for the steam room (but look out for singles lurking in the steamy obscurity!)

As part of my new year's goals 2016 I am prioritizing one day a month for a solo spa day (at body blitz) Read about goal-setting here.


Body Blitz website: click here

West Location: Adelaide between Spadina and Bathurst

East Location: King, East of Parliament

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