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Saturday Market Shopping

Or, an Update on Goal-Setting 2016

From Left: St Lawrence Market Produce - About $40 Spent

Soup Base (Cilantro & Achiote) $4

Organic Canned Tomatoes $4

Beans $3

Corn $4

Roasted Red Peppers $5

Edith's Blend Coffee (Luba's Coffee)

Arborio Rice $8

From Right: St Lawrence Farmer's Market - About $60 Spent

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Free-Range Eggs $2.50

Fresh Thyme

Water-Buffalo Cheeses $6 & $8




Summer Sausage (Small) $10

More Mushrooms (Cremini)

Apples $7

Sweet Potatoes $6

I couldn't remember all the prices, but I gave some examples.

Recipes using these yummy ingredients to come!

Update on Goal-Setting 2016

1. Prioritize my Time: This has been going well so far! It is so liberating to give myself the boundaries of personal time vs work time. Work is still very busy, but my days are full with varied activities instead of JUST work. Having the blog as an outlet has been great for my personal productivity! And Friday night date night has been great! Getting back into the swing of yoga is also a joy.

2. Personal Projects: Having a blog to write during the day is 100% better than falling into the trap of Netflix. I started voice lessons last week which was fascinating and fun.

3. Treat myself with Kindness: Not guilting myself about having personal time is a great change. It also helps that I have productive projects to do in my spare time.

4. No Consumables at the Grocery Store: A challenge but doable. I'm starting to find vendors in the market that sell canned goods, speciality goods, and other products that I've typically bought at the grocery store. The biggest challenge right now is that our elevator (the only elevator) is out of service for five weeks. Loading up the grocery cart is no longer an option. Everything I buy has to be carried up 8 flights of stairs (or 9 from parking).

As you can see the price of canned goods from the market is much more expensive than the grocery store. That said most of the canned goods are offered in organic and/or local varieties and the cans tend to be BPA free

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