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A Week of Clean Eating - Food Journal

ShApril Week One - What I've been Eating!


Quinoa-Potato Latkes (used as a base for many breakfasts)*

Eggs: Fried, Over-Easy, Poached; on top of latkes

Omelette: Kale, tomato and shallot

Fruits/Veggies: Sliced Tomato, kiwi, grapefruit, banana, apple, pear, celery

Banana or Apple with fresh raw peanut butter (ground peanuts only)

Morning Snacks

Baked Apple with cinnamon and raw honey

Raw nuts

Raw Fruits/Veggies

Sliced celery with fresh raw peanut butter


Chopped veggie salad*

Baby Kale Salad

Leftovers from previous dinners

Fruits and Raw Nuts

Afternoon Snacks

Tomato, cucumber and basil salad

Raw nuts

Plain stove-popped popcorn


One-pot pasta* (Made with homemade fresh spaghetti)

Split pea dahl*

Various steamed, cooked and raw veggies

Slow-cooker roasted Chicken

Sweet Potato Frieds (homemade of course!)

"Veggie Pasta" with roasted tomato pesto*


Late night Snacks/Dessert

Plain stove-popped popcorn (or with salt & pepper, or balsamic vinegar)

Raw nuts


Gin or scotch (no mix other than soda water (soda stream) with lime)

A typical haul from the St Lawrence Famer's Market

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