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Recipe: Veggie Chop Salad

Veggie Chop Salad

This is basically a straight lift of a recipe found on Pinterest for "Veggie Crack Salad"

Originial Recipe Here

Black beans, soaked overnight

Frozen corn, cooked

2 peppers (red/yellow or orange)

2 cloves of garlic

1 small minced shallot

Seasoning to taste: Chilli powder, salt, cumin, fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice

Serve with fresh avocado (we use a half/serving)

1. Soak the black beans overnight. Drain and rinse.

2. Cook fresh or frozen corn. Drain and rinse.

3. Chop two peppers into small pieces.

4. Mince 1 medium shallot.

5. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Season to taste. Stir, and let sit at least an hour for flavours to combine.

6. Serve with fresh avocado and a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice. Can also be served with spring mix, baby kales, or other greens.

Review: Though this salad was crisp, flavourful and nutritious, it was not my favourite. I wish I had cooked the black beans so that their consistency was softer. It also wash't the veggie "crack" as it was claimed to be, though maybe because I didn't follow the original recipe to a tee. Hubby seemed to have no complaints!

Above is Hubby's lunch for the next day: veggie chop salad with baby kales and avocado, raw nuts and fresh fruit.

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