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ShApril - Get in shape in April! A Yearly Tradition

ShApril Goals 2015

Get in shape in April!

These are the general ShApril rules we set every year. And we invite you to join!

1. Stairs only. No elevator/escalators, no exceptions.

2. No sugary drinks, candy or desserts

3. Up your intake of water (at least 8 cups a day)

4. Focus on eating healthy meals cooked at home

5. Kick your fitness routine into high gear

Beyond the ShApril guidelines, we set specific goals for the month.

Here are our goals for 2015:

Modified diet, focussing on cutting out processed & refined foods

Throughout ShApril we will focus on clean eating, cutting out most processed foods!

This will include bread, pasta, rice, canned beans, cheese, tofu, all canned condiments and sauces, anything out of a package/jar/bottle, an any food prepared in restaurants.

Exceptions: Tea, coffee, red wine, olive oil, vinegar, organic milk

Exercising 4 times a week

Amelia - 2 yoga classes, 2 cardio/weight training

Hubby - 1 yoga class, 3 cardio/weight training

Physical goals to work towards


- Improved strength & endurance (cardio/weight training)

- Improved flexibility & focus (yoga)

- Muscle definition (yoga, weights, diet)

- Clearer skin (diet, water intake)

We are made our ShApril goals based on our needs and current lifestyle, and we invite you to set your own! We look forward to sharing updates along the way.

To learn more about why we set these goals, continue below.

From Amelia:

My goals this year are really focussed on conscious and strict choices for my body. I'd like to think that I generally eat pretty clean and exercise enough, but I'm sure that I don't! And I'm sure this ShApril will show me that.

The modified diet has been something my husband and I have been more and more interested in. He introduced me to the Low Glycemic-Index diet many years ago and it works wonderfully for us! (This is how we try to eat all the time). So cutting out highly-refined and processed foods this month seems like a great next step to take. We live (deliberately) close to St Lawrence Market and have access to a great array of fresh produce, including animal protein that fulfils our ethical standards.

I've always been lucky to be a naturally slim girl, but I was not always inclined to be active (I am not one for team sports, to put it lightly). Yoga has been an amazing gateway into fitness, and I have been practicing since 2013. I have since experimented with different forms of cardio and group classes. The best fitness routine for me was in Vancouver when I had access to a fabulous pool in my building - I would swim 2-3 times a week, attend a (kick-a**!) power yoga class on Friday nights, and throw in some pilates/step/weight training classes. This month I will step up my yoga practice by regularly attending group classes, and regain some of the cardio and strength benefits of swimming by working out in the gym in my building (ellipticals, free weights, etc).

My physical goals are a bit vague, mostly because I am at a great weight and don't seek to lose or gain pounds, necessarily. I like to judge my body on how it performs in fitness, how I look in the mirror, and how my clothes fit. I would be open to gaining weight in muscle, but not to gaining or losing inches. As for my skin; it has been my life-long struggle! Currently my skin is very sensitive, prone to breakouts on my cheeks, and sucks up moisture like you wouldn't believe. I am very interested to see what increased water intake can do for my complexion, along with constant and vigilant natural skin care (posts on this to come).

I hope to be an encouragement in making conscious and healthy choices this ShApril!

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