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My *Shocking* Processed Food Clean Out

In preparation for cutting out processed food for ShApril, I thought it would be interesting to go through my cupboards and fridge, removing the processed items. My idea was to line everything up on my kitchen table and take a picture to illustrate how many foods are actually processed.

After only a few moments of going through my cupboard, I was shocked! And realized it would be more impactful to shoot video. (

And I thought cutting out processed food was going to be simple!

I am defining processed food as "food that has been altered from it's natural state". So. Yeah. Pretty much everything! Some examples from my cupboard are obvious, like Rice Cakes. They contain rice that has been puffed, stuck together, and coated with deliciously-fake cheese-like powder. There are some that are obvious once you think about it, like sugar and flour. Then there are the surprises, like salt, popcorn kernels, and olive oil. All processed and/or refined.

For my ShApril goals I am making some exceptions. (See my post "ShApril Guidelines and Goals). But never the less this was an eye-opener!

I would like to challenge YOU to go through your cupboards and fridge! Pull out the food items that are processed, and take a picture. Share it on social media using the hashtags
#ShApril & #ProcessedFoodCleanOut

I am looking forward to seeing what you find in your kitchens! And as always, become more conscious consumers together.

The track in the video is "Bern Baby Bern" by Hiromi :)

#shapril #cleaneating #food #foodethics #processedfood

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