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This blog began as an experiment and a platform to discuss my views on food. I love to eat, cook without recipes, and drink red wine. Some would describe me as "flexitarian", though I don't attempt to label myself as anything other than a conscious consumer. My personal omnivore's dilemma revolves around what is sustainable, local, healthy, ethical, natural, and of course, delicious.


Beyond being an omnivore I am a musician, educator, entrepreneur, wife, city dweller and traveller. I live in Toronto, Canada with my sweet husband within walking distance of St Lawrence Market. I have moved around the continent continuously since 2011, and we have lived together and apart in Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakville and Vancouver. Born to a family of artists, I am extremely lucky to have travelled non-stop since birth. I have lived in a rural town in Ecuador, travelled Europe by myself, and speak English, French and Spanish. I have visited 21 countries and counting, and my favourite place in the world is my family cottage. Each city along the way has impacted my view on food, culture and life tremendously! 


I love to enter into conversation and debates about my food choices (and just about anything, really). Hot-topics and soap-boxes for me include ethical treatment of animals, naturopathic health, fitness for children, eating in season, supporting local business, cosmetic additives, and much more. You'll also find personal essays, posts about wedding planning and marriage, and more to come as the blog (and my life) evolves.


I hope on this blog you can find new ideas, humour, rants, maybe some recipes, and most of all, encouragement!






New to my blog? Start with my mission statement - read the essay or watch the video.


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